Rap vs. School? Are Rappers Role Models?

The argument is that children are so taken by rappers and entertainers that they ignore the lessons that are taught in classrooms. Is this true? Is it any different than when we were in school listening to Miami Bass and Atlanta Booty Shake? Or when my parents were in school listening to Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, and Teddy Pendergrass?

I believe that children have always been taken by the attractiveness of music and entertainment as a whole. The deciding factors of which path a child may lead is often based on the child’s 1. understanding of wrong/right & healthy/unhealthy 2. their willingness to stand on their belief in spite of what others may say and 3. to deal with the pending consequences that follow be them positive or negative.

Family, friends, music, experiences, teachers, stangers, and others all play a part in adding to the options for the lifethat a person might lead.

Every Ying has to have a Yang, but its our hope that the good side outweighs the bad one.

How do you feel about Hip Hop’s effect on education in the 21st century?


One thought on “Rap vs. School? Are Rappers Role Models?

  1. There is a major campaign in this society to make us look like buffoons, pimps, hoes, criminals etc… That’s not exactly a news flash. It’s been going on for a very long time. The difference now is two fold. First, this attack is more overt than ever. Second, instead of resisting the attack like we have always done, we are feeding into it. Obviously we can’t ask a ghetto kid who thinks this is his only way out to turn down all that BLING, but we can demand a more positive depiction of ourselves in the media.

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