How should children progress in school?

Watch this video link?

A novel idea. Allowing kids to progress at their own paces. I enjoy hearing, seeing and reading stories like this because they remind me of how practical education can be. This way of thinking, in my opinion, shares the efficacy and accountability of learning with the parents and students as opposed to only the teachers (which we hear so much about).

This model is also practiced in Montessori schools. Here, the “emphasis is on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development.” This also allows a child to progress at his/her own pace.

As the country’s politicians and “experts” continue to figure out the problem with education, I admire the true leadership of the principals and parents as they work together to break the hold of what does not work and move forward with innovative ideas that make practical sense for their communities (eventhough these practical ideas aren’t so new).

What is your take on how children should progress? Should we continue to pass them along with Swiss Cheese holes of missing information that grow as they continue on, or should we allow them to progress at their own levels and encourage a no failure policy?

You’re now empowered. Tell me what you think

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