Robots on the Assembly Line – A Letter of Hope

Is your child in this class?

I am beginning to see an alignment of the education system with a production assembly line. Especially when it comes to people that make decisions about the overall direction of education; in another word, politicians.

Politicians, it seems, are mainly concerned with the bottom line (Test Scores, Achievement rates, Graduation Rates, etc.). To see these numbers increase, they will employ a strict business tactic (locate and repair defective products) founded on a loose principal of education (all students can learn with a “highly qualified” teacher, etc.) and force feed this tactic to an entire community with little to no scholarly research or support. When this is done, it looks and sounds great, it makes so much sense, and is easy to sell to the public just like a good restaurant or a sale at the Polo Outlet. Our politicians then employ “experts” to create and implement a framework around this grand scheme to lift all children out of the darkness. These experts create a curriculum that is engineered to produce the product of a well rounded educated citizen. It even goes so far as to load a school with technology and resources, but order the employees to follow a schedule of teaching the includes what they should teach, how the room should look, and even where their teaching should be on any given day.

Our children are then placed into this machine and run straight through until they emerge at the end a decent citizen. If they don’t cause trouble, but don’t have many aspirations, they are basically forgotten and pushed on through. Special attention is given, however, to those that are defective (behavior problems, truant students, or those that cannot manage to keep up) because the system has a bottom line to meet and these defective products will adversely affect the bottom line. Some special attention is also given to products that show exceptional potential, although how they are handled is delicate, specialized and not shared with the group unlike the handling of defective products which is shared with everyone.

Hundreds by hundreds and thousands by thousands these products enter the world confused, undriven, feeling entitled, with no creativity, a low work ethic and begin to wonder, what just happened? Even in business, you can take a defective product back and either get a refund or a replacement, but in the business of education, where the bottom line reaps votes and influence for people who don’t care in the first place, if the product has come through unscathed, the job is done. Period. So what do our products do? What they always do, find a place to tick and tock their time away. Meanwhile the politician is off to sell a new product of education to fix the current one because it is still “failing our children.”

Many of our children, especially those that are in areas of hardship, have all but forgotten their creative, ambitious, and entrepreneurial sides because of this assembly line mentality that they are placed in. It is sold so well to our parents that many of them believe that by simply sending their children to school, they’ll be okay. I’ll stop short of saying, “This is not so,” but I will say, “Don’t be so naïve, Parents!” The system of public education system is designed to produce a minimum skilled or basic skilled person. Your child is not that. In fact your child has many talents that you know they have. You must encourage and support their creativity, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirits. I really need my parents to take control of what is going on, not just in your homes, but in your communities. This includes the streets, the churches, the schools, and the businesses. Be seen and be involved and people will flock to be where you are.

Young people! Young people! Young people! Hold yourselves accountable to yourself and someone else. Be led by people that are doing something productive! Stop being lazy and get off of your tails and create something amazing. Do not limit yourself to pleasing others. Let your dreams shine. Find people that can support what you want for yourself and grab that highest dream! Be a person of substance and not of minimum skill. Be a person of ambition and not of comfort. Be a person of great creativity and whatever you do, Do Not Be A Robot on the Assembly Line!

If you agree or disagree, comment. If you have a child or know a child, share this. Be blessed and bless those around you that are looking for direction. Remember that I am here as a resource for you so if you need help I any area, I can help you or find someone that can. Empower yourselves!

Mr. E! The Motivator!


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