Mr. E! The Motivator! on tour


During the month of April, Mr. E! The Motivator! will be traveling to 20 locations around the country to provide his brand of motivation for students. Principals from schools that he visits resound with similar sentiments, “Seeing him live is¬†phenomenal!” As the testing season approaches, schools from around the state of Georgia are clamoring to schedule his performances for their children. These performances, as one parent notes, “…are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

Fortunately for the rest of us, Mr. E! The Motivator! can be found around the internet with a strong social following also. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and other sites.

Mr. E! turns popular music into songs that encourage positive thinking, motivation for learning, and fun in the classroom that you don’t often find in some classrooms. The live shows only expand on that with dancing teachers, a concert atmosphere, and students rapping & dancing with Mr. E! makes the visit a memorable & an unforgettable experience.

Contact Mr. E! The Motivator! through his home page to schedule a visit of your own. You’ll be glad you did.¬†


One thought on “Mr. E! The Motivator! on tour

  1. Mr.E today at my school you were amazing. It’s like me n my friend were the only ones getting crunck in the crowd, you made my expeirience at the prep rally wonderful. Thanks 2 u my butterflies about the CRCT test r gone. But you were rude when you didnt do 1 more song n we had 15 minutes to spare.


    ps. My school is B.C Haynie Elementary

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