How Being in the Band Changed My Life!

How being in the band changed my life!

When I was in school I was a Band Head. I still am to this day! I love everything about bands because they played a major role in my development. Here are two things that being in the band taught me.
Practice hard and long so that you can freestyle when it’s time to perform- Practicing music is a dreary process, but when you know it YOU KNOW IT! From there, playing music becomes fun. You play music and march, dance, sing the parts of other instruments and so forth. As a presenter for students, I now practice like crazy so that when I get in front of an audience, I’m free to mix up the message change the format or do other things in my show. Practicing will also help you know your content so well that a test/quiz will only be an after thought.
Show out – As a member of the great Alabama A&M University Maroon & White Band, half time performances were everything to the football games. As a drum major of the band program, I took on even more responsibility of entertainment. I knew that whenever I touched the field, whenever I marched, that I had to not only be good, but LOOK GOOD! I had to look so good that folks would be impressed at how good I looked. Doing this helped the other band members put forth more effort also they saw me marching hard as a leader, then they would also march hard. Once the crowd saw all of us working hard, they too noticed and gave us more cheers. When the football team heard those cheers, they played harder to keep them going.
When it’s time for you to perform in school, don’t just do the minimum, SHOW OUT! Make sure that you are completing homework and studying each night. It will have a ripple effect that will shine on others. Give it a shot!
Mr. E! The Motivator

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