Working on a Team

Teamwork is essential to success.  Let me say that again so that you can hear me.  (Clears groat) TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS!!

No one has done anything by themselves. You will hear folks claim that they are “Self-Made.” but they neglect to thank their parents, friends, collaborators, sponsors, folks that donated their time & money, the people that gave them the platform to do what they do, or the people that these so called “self-made” people have to report to to ensure that they can continue to do what the do.

With that said, we all need to know how to work in a team. In every team, there are roles. Each person must be willing to give up a little of themselves for the good of the team.
Remember, being a good team member is a valuable asset to learn. Join in on team projects and learn how to work with people and through people as much as you can. You’ll definitely see the benefits!
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