Habit Forming Experiences

Experiences are the processes of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you. This includes the skills and knowledge that you get by doing those things.
Here is how your life experiences will direct your choices:
Let’s use the example of being on a basketball team as your experience. To be on a basketball team, you must commit to doing several things. Daily practice, keeping decent grades, executing during games, being timely to games & practices, and more. If you want to remain on the basketball team, you must choose and dedicate yourself to each of these things. The more you do them, the more automatic they become. An automatic choice is called a Habit. Once a habit is formed and you continue the habit, this will then become who you are. You won’t be merely a basketball player. You will be an dedicated, hardworking, and on time person (with a nice jump shot).
Imagine your life filled with habit forming experiences and how complete your life will be once you do. My people, I say and I say again. Fill Your Life With Experiences!
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