Do NOT Curb Your Enthusiasm

When your energy is high your excitement for a project grows. When a project is about something that you enjoy or love, your enthusiasm to be successful in it goes even higher. What happens though, is that we allow ourselves to be measured, to be cooled, because we don’t want to offend anyone about our excitement. NO! Don’t calm down! Don’t slow down! Don’t measure your excitement! Do Not Curb Your Enthusiasm! If you enjoy singing, then sing all the time! If you enjoy dancing, then dance all the time! If you enjoy art, then draw, sketch, doodle, color, and paint ALL THE TIME!!
These joys are your talents for the world to enjoy. Why hold back? Why not let your light shine? Why not allow be great at the thing you love?
I say to you. If you love it, do it and do it well. That skill is yours and no one can take it from you. It is not offensive to display your talent for the world to see; it’s your blessing to the world! Stay excited about your gift(s) and use them for each of us to enjoy!
Much Love
Mr. E! The Motivator!

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