To be early…

As a band member, a phrase was instilled in us very early on that spoke to how we should approach time management. The phrase: “To be early, is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be absent!” It is a phrase that has stuck with me for years and that I practice even today I wake up no later than 5:30am; even on the weekends. I exercise, write on my blog, check emails and more. When I go to an interview or to work, I get there early so that I can get certain things done before anyone else gets in. 

Here’s the thing: when you wake up early, you’re making a decision to be more productive than anyone else, before anyone else. We all have the same amount of hours in each day. Use them! Also, there’s no feeling like having things done completely and still having a large chunk of day left to do more things or get ahead on more things. Being early greatly increases your productivity and being productive is a key to success! 

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Habit Forming Experiences

Experiences are the processes of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you. This includes the skills and knowledge that you get by doing those things.
Here is how your life experiences will direct your choices:
Let’s use the example of being on a basketball team as your experience. To be on a basketball team, you must commit to doing several things. Daily practice, keeping decent grades, executing during games, being timely to games & practices, and more. If you want to remain on the basketball team, you must choose and dedicate yourself to each of these things. The more you do them, the more automatic they become. An automatic choice is called a Habit. Once a habit is formed and you continue the habit, this will then become who you are. You won’t be merely a basketball player. You will be an dedicated, hardworking, and on time person (with a nice jump shot).
Imagine your life filled with habit forming experiences and how complete your life will be once you do. My people, I say and I say again. Fill Your Life With Experiences!
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Working on a Team

Teamwork is essential to success.  Let me say that again so that you can hear me.  (Clears groat) TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS!!

No one has done anything by themselves. You will hear folks claim that they are “Self-Made.” but they neglect to thank their parents, friends, collaborators, sponsors, folks that donated their time & money, the people that gave them the platform to do what they do, or the people that these so called “self-made” people have to report to to ensure that they can continue to do what the do.

With that said, we all need to know how to work in a team. In every team, there are roles. Each person must be willing to give up a little of themselves for the good of the team.
Remember, being a good team member is a valuable asset to learn. Join in on team projects and learn how to work with people and through people as much as you can. You’ll definitely see the benefits!
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The Bottom…

There are times when things are bad and then there’s the bottom. The bottom is where you feel helpless AND hopeless. When you feel like your loudest screams aren’t heard. When your cries aren’t seen, aren’t cared about, aren’t felt, aren’t understood. The bottom is a pit. It’s dark down there. In those times when you hit the bottom, not when you feel bad, but when you hit the bottom! It is at this time that you find your True Self. In this quiet and hopeless place you will discover YOU and find out what exactly you’re made of. Who are you? Are you a helpless and hopeless pitiful person? Or are you a flower that will grow in any situation. A perseverant pursuer that will never give up on his/her goal. An intelligent scientific thinker that can figure out the most confusing topics including figuring out who you are. You are a light the shines through the darkest moments, an extra push when you can’t push any further! You are a GREAT person and don’t let anyone tell you other wise!
It’s time to get off the bottom and look up, stand up, and rise up! There’s no where to go from here but up!
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Top 5 ways to Take Notes (in real life)!

Taking notes is important, but can be irritating. It’s hard to know where to start and hard to know exactly what to write. We often fall into a trap when your teacher is teaching because it feels like you’ll be able to remember every word that he/she speaks. Not realizing that we forget what’s been said minutes after we leave the environment. The toughest part is wrapping your head around what exactly to take notes on. What’s important? How I can write it quicker? Here are some tips on how to take notes from a guy (me) that had to learn the hard way. It may take a little time to get into a system that fits YOU, but don’t give up on it. Taking Notes will be valuable to you for years to come.
1. Take Notes Seriously. I had to tell myself, “I’m going to take notes today. Good Notes!” I’m going to write it all down.
Now of course I couldn’t write everything down so I ended up doing this.
2. Active Listening – I made it a point to move as close to the teacher as I could, so that I could remove any interruptions from what I was determined to do. I paid attention to the teachers every (important) word. I asked him/her to make things clear, to slow down, or to repeat things that I’d gotten behind on. This is the most important part of note taking.
Then I would
3. Write the most important things. Names of people, Dates, keywords & definitions, etc. I wrote it all down word for word. Teachers will give you leading phrases like, “This will be on the test.” or “This is very important.” That stuff, I wrote verbatim.
Next was this
4. Don’t worry about neatness. Listen, I have a scribbly type of hand-writing as it is, but in my notes I include the following: arrows, boxes, circles, scratch outs, X’s, smiley faces, stars, and more. It was a magnificent piece of art once I got done. LOL
Finally I had to
5. Make sure I could remember the notes later. This took a while to learn. There is nothing worse than taking notes that make sense in class, but once you get home and look at them again, you can’t remember a thing that you’ve written. As I got better at Taking Notes To Remember, the artwork concept developed.
Let this be your start to taking notes that you can remember and get in the practice of taking them often. With more online learning coming, your note taking will become more and more valuable! IN online learning, you can use your notes on tests and quizzes. Especially notes that are written down! Get those notes! You can’t cram everything into your head!
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The 20’s

To workout a lot takes a lot of dedication and a light load of work. I have a simple routine that I use that keeps me pretty consistent. I call it The 20s. Here is how it works. When I wake up each morning, before I take my shower or anything I do these simple exercises:

20 Push Ups
20 Leg Lifts
20 Run-Unders / Mountain Climbers
20 Dips
20 Squats
1:20 second Half Plank
Trust me, it burns! It only take about 5 minutes to do and when I’m done, I’m done for the day. Stretch it out over a 5 day week and you’ve completed 100 of each and 6 minutes of planking. Sounds good right? You can add to the 20s by including more exercises like burpees, running in place, russian twists or other calisthenics. What’s your exercise routine? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or by visiting! Remember to follow The Motivator! Magazine for articles on Healthy Living and more!

How Being in the Band Changed My Life!

How being in the band changed my life!

When I was in school I was a Band Head. I still am to this day! I love everything about bands because they played a major role in my development. Here are two things that being in the band taught me.
Practice hard and long so that you can freestyle when it’s time to perform- Practicing music is a dreary process, but when you know it YOU KNOW IT! From there, playing music becomes fun. You play music and march, dance, sing the parts of other instruments and so forth. As a presenter for students, I now practice like crazy so that when I get in front of an audience, I’m free to mix up the message change the format or do other things in my show. Practicing will also help you know your content so well that a test/quiz will only be an after thought.
Show out – As a member of the great Alabama A&M University Maroon & White Band, half time performances were everything to the football games. As a drum major of the band program, I took on even more responsibility of entertainment. I knew that whenever I touched the field, whenever I marched, that I had to not only be good, but LOOK GOOD! I had to look so good that folks would be impressed at how good I looked. Doing this helped the other band members put forth more effort also they saw me marching hard as a leader, then they would also march hard. Once the crowd saw all of us working hard, they too noticed and gave us more cheers. When the football team heard those cheers, they played harder to keep them going.
When it’s time for you to perform in school, don’t just do the minimum, SHOW OUT! Make sure that you are completing homework and studying each night. It will have a ripple effect that will shine on others. Give it a shot!
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Do You Really LOVE It?

What’s good my People!!

Keene Walker is a premiere speaker in the US and he often speaks about schooling vs. education. In this he notes that true education does not come by simply being in attendance at school. It doesn’t even come by completing your work and graduating.

A TRUE education comes from having a desire and a love for something that you will do anything in your power to learn everything that there is to know about it. Your desire is flame that is sparked by love. I need you to love your craft! Love your craft so much that you know everything about it! Do you want to play basketball? Don’t just play with friends, but play with friends, enemies, strangers, and your family. Compete with everyone that you can and show them how much you LOVE basketball!

What are the things that you love? I mean, REALLY love?

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Game-ify Your Productivity!

A Great Morning Good Peeps!

“If you can manage your time, you can do anything.” These were the words from a principal that I had the pleasure to work under. This words stuck with me because they are matter of fact and true. It’s a simple concept that we allow ourselves to complicate. One fun way to increase your productivity and manage your time better is to create an incentive for each task that you complete. If you complete your chores, you can watch an hour television. Take out the trash and enjoy a snack or two. However you choose to make time management interesting, be sure to learn it, own it, live it, and be it so that you can master it and have it become a part of you! Ya Dig?

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Teach Me How To Study!

An Awesome Black Friday My People!

I made a song a while back called Teach Me How To Study! In this song, I outline a few basic tips for building stud skills. They are as follows:

1. Ask yourself these questions: What should I study? When should I study? and How should I study?

2. Memorize – Read your source or notes over and over until it sticks in your mind. Studying is about building strength in recalling information.

3. Read Actively – As you read make sure that you are focused on your source and only your source. Don’t think about anything else during your study time. Focus!

4. Take Notes – Jot down the important stuff in a way that you can remember. Use icons and such to trigger your memory when you go back over it again.

5. Manage your time – Don’t burn yourself out on study time. Even television shows have commercial breaks! Take a break, grab a snack and jump back in.

Beef up your study Skills and beef up your “A” Game… Get It?

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