The 20’s

To workout a lot takes a lot of dedication and a light load of work. I have a simple routine that I use that keeps me pretty consistent. I call it The 20s. Here is how it works. When I wake up each morning, before I take my shower or anything I do these simple exercises:

20 Push Ups
20 Leg Lifts
20 Run-Unders / Mountain Climbers
20 Dips
20 Squats
1:20 second Half Plank
Trust me, it burns! It only take about 5 minutes to do and when I’m done, I’m done for the day. Stretch it out over a 5 day week and you’ve completed 100 of each and 6 minutes of planking. Sounds good right? You can add to the 20s by including more exercises like burpees, running in place, russian twists or other calisthenics. What’s your exercise routine? Let me know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or by visiting! Remember to follow The Motivator! Magazine for articles on Healthy Living and more!

Do You Really LOVE It?

What’s good my People!!

Keene Walker is a premiere speaker in the US and he often speaks about schooling vs. education. In this he notes that true education does not come by simply being in attendance at school. It doesn’t even come by completing your work and graduating.

A TRUE education comes from having a desire and a love for something that you will do anything in your power to learn everything that there is to know about it. Your desire is flame that is sparked by love. I need you to love your craft! Love your craft so much that you know everything about it! Do you want to play basketball? Don’t just play with friends, but play with friends, enemies, strangers, and your family. Compete with everyone that you can and show them how much you LOVE basketball!

What are the things that you love? I mean, REALLY love?

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Game-ify Your Productivity!

A Great Morning Good Peeps!

“If you can manage your time, you can do anything.” These were the words from a principal that I had the pleasure to work under. This words stuck with me because they are matter of fact and true. It’s a simple concept that we allow ourselves to complicate. One fun way to increase your productivity and manage your time better is to create an incentive for each task that you complete. If you complete your chores, you can watch an hour television. Take out the trash and enjoy a snack or two. However you choose to make time management interesting, be sure to learn it, own it, live it, and be it so that you can master it and have it become a part of you! Ya Dig?

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Teach Me How To Study!

An Awesome Black Friday My People!

I made a song a while back called Teach Me How To Study! In this song, I outline a few basic tips for building stud skills. They are as follows:

1. Ask yourself these questions: What should I study? When should I study? and How should I study?

2. Memorize – Read your source or notes over and over until it sticks in your mind. Studying is about building strength in recalling information.

3. Read Actively – As you read make sure that you are focused on your source and only your source. Don’t think about anything else during your study time. Focus!

4. Take Notes – Jot down the important stuff in a way that you can remember. Use icons and such to trigger your memory when you go back over it again.

5. Manage your time – Don’t burn yourself out on study time. Even television shows have commercial breaks! Take a break, grab a snack and jump back in.

Beef up your study Skills and beef up your “A” Game… Get It?

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What is a Network?

Happy Thanksgiving My Peeps!

Your network is a circle of people that you have for a certain reason. There are networks of friends, family, study partners, and so forth.

In business circles, your network are people that you can call for assistance in getting an interview for a job, finding where job openings are, how to get ahead in jobs, great classes to take to earn a competitive advantage and more.

Building a network begins by locating people that have similar aspirations as you do. This common theme will drive you to people that may not have guessed you’d come into contact with. They may seem weird or unusual or they may be cool as ever also. Either way, you will connect. Once you do, the common theme of your network should be The Work! How can you help me get better? How can I help you get better? I will share things with you that I know and you share things with me that you know. Now think of how powerful this thinking is when it’s 3 people, or 4, or 15, or 20! The knowledge shared can be powerful! Start early! Start now! Build your network and watch it grow!

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Get Paid to Make Good Grades!


by Larry Denley


Don’t believe me?? Well just ask the millions of college freshmen nationwide who are doing so as we speak! That’s right, you actually can get a physical check called a ‘refund check’ when you accumulate more Scholarship and Grant money than you need to pay all your costs and fees of enrollment at your college of choice. You basically get to keep the change once the bills are paid!

Do I have your attention now???…I thought so!

If only I had known this fact back in high school, I would have made more of an effort to achieve more and make higher grades! Those high school grades determine not only if you will be accepted into the college/university of your choice, but they also determine whether or not you receive scholarships. Like I stated earlier, any money you receive for college through Grants and Scholarships that amounts to MORE than the amount needed to enroll gets ‘refunded’ back to YOU in the form of a check….with YOUR NAME on it! Sometimes the amount can be in the THOUSANDS!! Now if that isn’t enough to motivate you to strive for excellence during your high school careers, add in the fact that this ‘refund’ process takes place EACH semester of your college career!! It’s like getting paid to make good grades!

Consider yourselves officially informed.


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Larry Denley – Marquette Transportation Company

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The Case of Perception

In regard to the verdict: Let’s take our emotions out of this for a moment and THINK. 1. This case was never supposed to go to trial. It was brought by pressure from us. Example: You want a trial? Yeah sure we’ll give you a trial. 2. As hopeful as we were, this case had little to no chance for Murder 2. There are only two versions of malice in this case and the one who has the other version is dead. The case, as many lawyers have written, should have been focused on how the murder could have been prevented and gone after manslaughter. Then we could have brought in the 911/311 operator (Where was he anyway), Zimmerman’s police history, and put his credibility under the microscope overall. That is everyone’s emotional and logical thoughts on what SHOULD have happened, but, again none of this was supposed to happen. Think of the medical examiner (Mr. I know nothing) and all of the holes in the prosecutions case. There was not a chance because in Murder 2 you have to prove intent and in this case you can’t with no witnesses and one dead party. The facts and evidence could not hold up to that standard. I believe that the State knew this, but chose to go with Murder 2?

But it wasn’t supposed to happen anyway. We were appeased, because we were angry. We got what we asked for, a trial, not justice. A trial.

Now we’re protesting and analyzing. I will ask you to THINK about our next moves. Civil case? Sure. Federal Civil Rights case? Why not…

And then what?

Several folks in my city went down and marched today for Trayvon then rushed home to watch Love & Hip Hop…

So now what?

Will we continue to walk blindly behind the mask that “It will be okay?”
Will we continue to provide nonsense Monday-Saturday & Verses on Sunday?
Will we continue to support the destruction of children through a lack of balance in what they consume as entertainment even if we see their personalities become it?


Will we educate our children on the fact that the media will portray you as a criminal first, even in death. That the media will expose your past to kill your present and taint your future. That the media will do all of this to your life for ENTERTAINMENT. News shows included.

Will we inform our children that the game of life is to be played just like Madden 2014! Pull up your pants, Tie that #bowtie, and play these fools! Speak with diction and play these fools. No you’re not changing who you are. YOU’RE CHANGING HOW THEY THINK! And once you’re in the game, you will a. Apparently, save your life, and b. actually open the door so that ignorant people can begin to see you for who you are. (Is this not what we are looking for? to be seen as humans? To be respected as men and women?)

This was a case of PERCEPTION. Trayvon, 3.7 GPA having, Athletic, Family Loving, Martin was PERCEIVED to be a threat! Solely based on HOW HE LOOKED and murdered in cold blood because of it. This is an especially troubling fact in the black community because WE ACTUALLY PROMOTE AND ENABLE THESE ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS through our representations socially and in music, television, and print.

No! I do not care how you dress or speak. But I do care that how you dress and speak can get you killed in cold blood with no penalty (in Florida and some other places). Think about it. We would not know who Martin Luther King was if he was not a media darling. He used that influence to gain the following of Americans nation-wide.

As we are all emotional and hurting on both sides of this issue, let’s take time and energy to think of how to curb this American problem in the most intelligent ways possible. Start in your circle of influence, your home, your children and educate them on what the world is. Then lets spread the message through our outreach efforts. Each of us has this responsibility…

But what will we do?

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