You Are Great!

You Are Great!

Top O’ The Mornin’ Good Peeps!

Always remember that you were not placed on this Earth to be normal. You were not placed here to be average. You are here to do extraordinary things in an extraordinary time! We tend to allow laziness, procrastination, and fear of the unknown consume us and keep us from being great. Your brain will disrespect what you want and trick you in being “normal” and “comfortable” and “okay” and “satisfied.” However, if greatness is what you want you’ll retrain your brain and defy “normal,” Punch “comfortable” in the face, and kick “okay” out the door! ON YOUR FEET HOMIE! It’s time to be great!!

You have the same amount of time in the day as the CEO’s, millionaires, & billionaires! Use your time to be the greatest version of you that you can possibly muster! Start early, end late, but no matter what, BE GREAT!!

Go Get’em Tiger!

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My Exercise Routine!

My Exercise Routine

What’s Going On My Good People!!

Getting into exercise is not easy. Your brain will trick you into staying comfortable. I had to trick myself into working out! First I had to find some people to workout with. Not trainers! Not those muscle bound guys always yelling at you to lift cars. Not those guys, but I mean people just like me. regular Joe Schmoes that work everyday, eat good, and are looking to get into a better habit of healthy living. I found those people in some close friends of mine. They were already starting their routines and I joined in. Each Saturday we hiked Stone Mountain here in Atlanta, GA. Then we challenged each other workout calendars (Burpees, push ups, sit ups, etc.). We would record our exercises, post them on Facebook, and challenge each other to keep up! What I found doing this is that it became less about working out and more about fellowshipping with my friends. The good part is that I am also becoming more healthy and keeping toned so that I can put on great performances at schools! I want you to get started exercising. Do some fun things and make sure you sweat, but most of all make sure you workout with friends. It will make all the difference!

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Fill Your Life with Experiences!

Fill Your Life with Experiences!

Young People! It’s your favorite Blogger, Mr. E! The Motivator!

I challenge you to fill your school years with experiences! What are experiences? Simply, experiences are the things that you do outside of school. Team sports, clubs, trips, vacations, etc. You should fill your life with these things because they will help direct your choices. Allow me to explain. There are life skills that are learned by having life experiences. For example, being on a sports team teaches you teamwork, how to work hard, how to execute, and how to manage stressful situations. Going on trips will teach you how to manage money, plan, and appreciate your family. There are a multitude of things that can be learned from your life experiences! What experiences are you involved in? Sports? Clubs? Activities?

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Stop Asking For Permission!

I  stumbled upon this great quote tonight:

“If you want to achieve greatness,
stop asking for permission.”

It stopped me in my tracks. After giving it the ‘ol two thumbs up, I sat and thought about it for a little while. It’s an interesting thought because many of us struggle with this to some degree.

The passionate missionary wants to give her life in service to the Lord and His people. She asks her family for permission to head off into danger. Her family says no, “You need to sit down and stay where its safe.” She misses her calling.

The hard-working office worker comes up with a way to save the company millions. She asks her under-qualified, ill-equipped middle manager for permission to make it happen. He says no; it’ll make him look bad. The company suffers.

The would-be entrepreneur wants to create something amazing. He asks his wallet for permission to sacrifice his job position and financial comfort. His credit cards say no, “You’ve got bills to pay.” The business never happens.

Most often, we ask ourselves for permission. Surprisingly, we like to tell ourselves no.

In my own life, I’ve used the pursuit of internal permission to rationalize my way out of doing a lot of things. Operating under the guise of wisdom and discernment, I’ve managed to wimp out on some great opportunities. We truly can be our own worst enemies sometimes.

Here’s my challenge. Stop asking.

  • Stop asking for permission to pursue your dreams.
  • Start taking the necessary steps to bring them to fruition.
  • Stop asking for permission to follow your passion.
  • Start doing the work that makes you come alive.
  • Stop asking for permission to achieve greatness.
  • Start being bold in your disregard for the status quo.

Now that you have permission to stop asking for permission, get out there and do something that matters. No one can stop you.

What kind of permission are you looking for?




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Patrick S. Epkins is a former professional football player, coach, and  mentor

Owner of uBrokeiFix LLC, a technology repair company.

The Social Media Pandemic


Imagine the days where face-to-face conversations were prevalent. There was once a time where the beauty of outdoors fascinated young spirits. Hopscotch, Double Dutch, Pogo Sticks, Basketball Tournaments, Bicycle Riding, Skateboards, Marble Shooting in the dirt, Softball in the park, Swimming all day on hot sunny days, Football in the middle of the street, Foot Racing with no shoes, Catching Tadpoles in the nearby creek, Rock Throwing contests, and Tree Climbing just for the heck of it. Those were the days so serene and far from the prevalence of technology.

As an adult who yearns for a sense of normalcy, I often drift back down ‘Memory Lane’. As an educator, I fear for the horrors that await our youth of today. I remember learning from my elders how to conduct myself in public as a youngster. I had to talk and walk a certain way. My presentation to the world had to reflect my upbringing was the result of persistent parental involvement. I was taught not to embarrass the family name. Back then,I had far less distractions and temptations our youth of today have.

Let’s talk the topic of ‘Social Media’…a world we live in located right on the other side of Earth. In the minds of most of our youth, this location provides solace to all that isn’t right in their lives. They go out into this fantasy type arena looking for acceptance at all cost. In their looking, many find themselves sacrificing their morals, and often fall prey to elements awaiting their simple-minded ways. Social Media is a public forum with ‘privacy’ settings that are far from private.

Young people, listen very carefully. I’m going to give you a bit of advice in regards to your social media interactions:

1. Please understand once you hit your “send, post, comment, or tweet” buttons your business is everyone’s business on a worldwide scale;

2. You do not have ownership to these various outlets. Therefore, you are not entitled to explanations for your ‘privacy’ being ‘invaded’;

3. If you make posts boasting about illegal activities of sorts, please understand you are subjecting yourselves to the scrutiny of law enforcement;

4. Romance, dating, nor lovers’ quarrels should take place in such a public arena. Therefore, ensure your posted pics are those of high morals;

5. The ‘DELETE’ button doesn’t necessarily mean your ‘potty mouth’ posts have gone away. Just like in real life here on Earth, they await the ‘trash truck’ in cyberspace to retrieve them from the cyber-trash can.

Social Media is fun and an excellent networking tool if you utilize it for things that won’t formulate reasons for people to cast judgment upon you in a negative light. What you do and say via social media can have an everlasting impact on your young lives. Don’t be in such a hurry to be an adult. Inappropriate social media interactions can cost you an employment opportunity. They can in some cases get you suspended or expelled from school. Social Media can be addictive, causing you to lose focus of priorities that demand your attention. Fatal vehicular accidents are on the rise due to the temptation of driving and technologically socializing. Simply put, it can wait. Ask yourselves this question and answer it honestly: “Am I addicted to or distracted by social media?”

Young people, I challenge you all to step away from the world of Social Media to explore sparingly the joy of being a physically interactive kid who enjoys the face-to-face conversations with friends outdoors. Your young lives need balance and structure. Your reputation should matter to you, because it really does matter when it comes to how the world will perceive you.

If you were born into this social media wave and have absolutely no idea how to be a ‘do without technology’ type of kid, please refer to my journey I took down ‘Memory Lane’ at the beginning of this article. It’s still possible to be a kid with a sense of normalcy, even today. Don’t let the social media pandemic rob you of the beauty of childhood. I support your exploration. Life’s a breeze. Be easy.

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Hovet Lee Dixon, Jr.

Work Title: Assistant Principal
School: Ronald E. McNair Junior High School (Huntsville, AL)
Affiliation: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Hobbies: Writing and Inspiring & Saving Young Lives

Get Paid to Make Good Grades!


by Larry Denley


Don’t believe me?? Well just ask the millions of college freshmen nationwide who are doing so as we speak! That’s right, you actually can get a physical check called a ‘refund check’ when you accumulate more Scholarship and Grant money than you need to pay all your costs and fees of enrollment at your college of choice. You basically get to keep the change once the bills are paid!

Do I have your attention now???…I thought so!

If only I had known this fact back in high school, I would have made more of an effort to achieve more and make higher grades! Those high school grades determine not only if you will be accepted into the college/university of your choice, but they also determine whether or not you receive scholarships. Like I stated earlier, any money you receive for college through Grants and Scholarships that amounts to MORE than the amount needed to enroll gets ‘refunded’ back to YOU in the form of a check….with YOUR NAME on it! Sometimes the amount can be in the THOUSANDS!! Now if that isn’t enough to motivate you to strive for excellence during your high school careers, add in the fact that this ‘refund’ process takes place EACH semester of your college career!! It’s like getting paid to make good grades!

Consider yourselves officially informed.


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Larry Denley – Marquette Transportation Company

Facebook – Mike Lowrey

Instagram – @MikeLowreyATL & @RedCarpetEntertainment



The Case of Perception

In regard to the verdict: Let’s take our emotions out of this for a moment and THINK. 1. This case was never supposed to go to trial. It was brought by pressure from us. Example: You want a trial? Yeah sure we’ll give you a trial. 2. As hopeful as we were, this case had little to no chance for Murder 2. There are only two versions of malice in this case and the one who has the other version is dead. The case, as many lawyers have written, should have been focused on how the murder could have been prevented and gone after manslaughter. Then we could have brought in the 911/311 operator (Where was he anyway), Zimmerman’s police history, and put his credibility under the microscope overall. That is everyone’s emotional and logical thoughts on what SHOULD have happened, but, again none of this was supposed to happen. Think of the medical examiner (Mr. I know nothing) and all of the holes in the prosecutions case. There was not a chance because in Murder 2 you have to prove intent and in this case you can’t with no witnesses and one dead party. The facts and evidence could not hold up to that standard. I believe that the State knew this, but chose to go with Murder 2?

But it wasn’t supposed to happen anyway. We were appeased, because we were angry. We got what we asked for, a trial, not justice. A trial.

Now we’re protesting and analyzing. I will ask you to THINK about our next moves. Civil case? Sure. Federal Civil Rights case? Why not…

And then what?

Several folks in my city went down and marched today for Trayvon then rushed home to watch Love & Hip Hop…

So now what?

Will we continue to walk blindly behind the mask that “It will be okay?”
Will we continue to provide nonsense Monday-Saturday & Verses on Sunday?
Will we continue to support the destruction of children through a lack of balance in what they consume as entertainment even if we see their personalities become it?


Will we educate our children on the fact that the media will portray you as a criminal first, even in death. That the media will expose your past to kill your present and taint your future. That the media will do all of this to your life for ENTERTAINMENT. News shows included.

Will we inform our children that the game of life is to be played just like Madden 2014! Pull up your pants, Tie that #bowtie, and play these fools! Speak with diction and play these fools. No you’re not changing who you are. YOU’RE CHANGING HOW THEY THINK! And once you’re in the game, you will a. Apparently, save your life, and b. actually open the door so that ignorant people can begin to see you for who you are. (Is this not what we are looking for? to be seen as humans? To be respected as men and women?)

This was a case of PERCEPTION. Trayvon, 3.7 GPA having, Athletic, Family Loving, Martin was PERCEIVED to be a threat! Solely based on HOW HE LOOKED and murdered in cold blood because of it. This is an especially troubling fact in the black community because WE ACTUALLY PROMOTE AND ENABLE THESE ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS through our representations socially and in music, television, and print.

No! I do not care how you dress or speak. But I do care that how you dress and speak can get you killed in cold blood with no penalty (in Florida and some other places). Think about it. We would not know who Martin Luther King was if he was not a media darling. He used that influence to gain the following of Americans nation-wide.

As we are all emotional and hurting on both sides of this issue, let’s take time and energy to think of how to curb this American problem in the most intelligent ways possible. Start in your circle of influence, your home, your children and educate them on what the world is. Then lets spread the message through our outreach efforts. Each of us has this responsibility…

But what will we do?

The Bullying Spectrum

Here is a new Mr. E! Comic!

This topic today is Bullying! Where do you fall in the bullying spectrum? Read the comic, find out and discover who has the capacity to end it all! Enjoy!

Please remember to print, post, and share with those educators that you feel can benefit from its use.

Mr. E! The Motivator!

Defeat Test Anxiety!!

Greetings everyone,

Here is another Mr. E! Comic! This one covers Test Anxiety and we introduce Mi Mi!

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Enjoy it and share with your children’s teachers and other educators that you feel can benefit from this medium with their students! Thanks so much for supporting!

Mr. E! The Motivator! Comics?

In January, a nice little toon version was created. We call him Mini Mr. E! A nice buzz was generated with kids, parents, and teachers loving him and his messages. Since the buzz is still going, there will now be a series of educational comics featuring mini Mr. E! and more characters! Let’s learn and have fun with Mini Mr. E! and the new characters that will be created in this universe and share this with schools all around the country! Enjoy!