Chores! Chores! Chores!

Ahh Yes! Chores! That stuff that parents have us do everyday over and over and over again! Don’t you just love’em? You don’t? LOL! No worries! I’ve found an app that just might make life easier for you and your parents! It’s called Chorma and it is a life saver! With this app you can choose the chores that you are going to do, assign points to them and choose a reward for completing your tasks. Now comes the fun part. As chores are completed, simply let your parents know and they assign the points RIGHT ON THEIR PHONE! ON THEIR PHONES!!
As an example, here is what we have decided as JJ’s chores and rewards using the Chorma App.
A few of his chores are:
Feeding the dog – 1 pt
Picking up in his rooms – 1 pt per room
Writing in his journal – 4pts
and more
His rewards are for ever 50 points that he earns in chores, he gets 2 hours of video game/free computer time on the weekends. That’s 2 hours Saturday morning, 2 hours Saturday afternoon, 2 hours Sunday Morning, and 2 hours Sunday afternoon.
I’ll keep you posted on his progress, but, so far, it’s working out great! We will discuss it this Friday on Live From the Edu-Dome where he is my co-host! check us out each Friday