9 tips for Students on Being More Disciplined

It is a fact that the most highly successful people are also the most highly disciplined people. Discipline is the ability to maintain focus on a task no matter what else is happening. Having a high level of discipline is how you answer those hard math problems, complete long and drawn out projects, and discipline helps you keep unnecessary influences away from as you build your best life. Below are 5 quick tips that you can use to improve your discipline.
As I researched, several tips appeared that I feel need to be mentioned as necessary to build self-discipline. Each of these tips are powerful and when practiced consistently as strong habits and routines, they we’ll surely help to improve your self-discipline. in no particular order, here are 9 tips to improve your self-discipline.
1. Take care of yourself!
When your body is happy and healthy, you can put more focus on the things that you feel are important to you. Getting enough sleep at night, eating healthy, exercising, and more healthy habits will set your body up to be focused and prepared for what’s to come ahead.
2. Remove Temptations
Distractions come by the second. The only way to keep from succumbing to them is to remove them completely from your life. That’s right. To improve your self discipline you will need to eliminate some tv time, social network time, texting and phone call time and so forth as you work on your goals. These temptations will only pull you away from the goals that you want to accomplish. You’ll find that your goals will be kicked down the street to be picked up later. Get those temptations out of here! Okay?
3. Schedule Breaks, Treats, and Rewards for Yourself
Look, being disciplined is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of work. To help, reward yourself. Who knows what you like better then you? Nobody!! That favorite candy bar of yours? Eat one once you’ve met a goal! That weekend nap you’ve been craving? Take one after you’ve met your goal! These small rewards will give a chance to breath and a chance to relax and feel good about how far you’ve come. It also gives you a chance to re-energize for where you’re about to go. Take breaks and reward yourself during projects, after homework, after practices and more and watch your discipline increase.
4. Forgive Yourself & Move On
Not everything is going to go as you planned it. This can get very frustrating. We have to remember that mistakes are a part of the growing process. Mistakes are the proof that we are trying to get better, we are not where we want to be just yet, and what we need to improve on to get to where we want to be. When you make a mistake, just look at it as a checkpoint that says, “You’ve made it this far, now keep going.” Then, forgive yourself and move on. You have greatness ahead of you.
5. Don’t Wait for it to “Feel Right”
People sometimes say, “I’ll do it tomorrow, today is just not a good day.” This type of thinking only kicks the can down the road and you’ll end up forgetting and more importantly, regretting, that you didn’t start sooner. A friend of mine, in motivating me to keep running after I get tired, gave me this phrase that I apply often in my life, “Enjoy the suck!” This simply means to enjoy the hard stuff. Enjoy the feeling of “I don’t want to.” When you learn to enjoy working when you don’t feel like working, you’ll begin to realize that you can work in any situation whether you enjoy it or not. This, definitely, improves your discipline.
6. Ignore the Naysayers
Not everyone is going to understand what you’re doing. Some will say that you’re acting weird or try to get you to do something that’s “more fun.” What they don’t understand is that you have a plan for your success. Your plan for success won’t match up with plans that your friends have for you. So, what you’ll need to do is ignore them and FOCUS on your goals. No one can determine your success but you! When you choose to allow naysayers to control what you do, you will lose out on the greatness that awaits you. Ignore them, Focus on your goals and Go get’em!
7. Get Support
Now that you’ve gotten the strength to ignore the people that don’t want to believe in you, you can begin to surround yourself with people that will support you. Some people are meant for you to grow and some people are good now, but meant to for you to let go! On this road to greatness, you will need to find people that will hold you accountable for doing the things that you want to do. For instance, you may have a friend that will call you and ask, “Hey. Did you finish your homework? I’ve finished mine!” That friend is holding you accountable for completing your work. That is a good friend for you to have because he/she is offering support for you to get good grades. Surround yourself with supportive friends.
8. Create a Plan
Nothing great happens by accident. Greatness happens through repeated efforts that have been thoroughly planned and executed. Millionaires don’t “luck up” and become millionaires. Great athletes don’t “fall into” being great athletes. These things happen because they planned for them to happen. They set a goal first and then outlined the steps needed to reach that goal. If you want to achieve anything in life, you must create a plan to obtain it. Start with the goal itself and work your way backwards to what you’ll need to do each day to make progress toward your goal. Making a plan is fun and you can create the plan that you feel will give you the best shot at reaching your goal. Also, don’t be afraid to adjust your plan to fit what life throw at you!
9. Break Bad Habits
Last, but certainly not least. You… WE must work to break our bad habits. Procrastination, Making Excuses, Doing just enough to get by, and others must be stopped. We will only be great by Being Great all the time. No Excuses! We must do it or not, there is no such thing as trying when it comes to your goals and your greatness. Throw those old bad habits out of the window, get serious about who you want to be, use these 9 tips to improve your Self-Discpline and BE GREAT!
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Find Your “Why”

Our “Why” comes from our passion to meet a goal, our love for something that is dear to us, or a goal that we want to support or help.

It is most important for each of us to know or remember exactly why we choose to do the things that we do. It’s easy to go into something with one intention, conform to the norms of that “thing,” and forget WHY we chose to do it in the first place.

How do we find our “Why?” First, you should think about something that you love.. By love, I mean, something that you really enjoy doing and can see yourself doing for free (think about it). Examples include (cooking, making websites, cars, Think about a need that you want to help meet (homelessness, feeding the needy, education). Lastly, ask yourself and answer for yourself, why doing this is important to you.
Once you’ve found your “Why,” write it down. Always remember it! Assimilating (or melting into the pot) with the norms of your surroundings is a sure way to forget WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. For example, most teachers choose to teach to impact the lives of children, help them become better people, and launch them on a motivated path to greatness.
Teachers, often, conform to the stagnate teaching practices of others or burnout from the lack of effort from students. Teachers, from my experience, sometimes forget their “Why” and lose their motivation to be the greatest teachers that they can be.
To keep your “Why,” you must speak to your cause daily, you must tell other people about your cause, and spread your WHY to everyone that you meet. That way, not only will you not forget it, other people will always remind you of it. As they say, teamwork, makes the dream work.
Always remember your WHY good people. Have a great day!

Habit Forming Experiences

Experiences are the processes of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you. This includes the skills and knowledge that you get by doing those things.
Here is how your life experiences will direct your choices:
Let’s use the example of being on a basketball team as your experience. To be on a basketball team, you must commit to doing several things. Daily practice, keeping decent grades, executing during games, being timely to games & practices, and more. If you want to remain on the basketball team, you must choose and dedicate yourself to each of these things. The more you do them, the more automatic they become. An automatic choice is called a Habit. Once a habit is formed and you continue the habit, this will then become who you are. You won’t be merely a basketball player. You will be an dedicated, hardworking, and on time person (with a nice jump shot).
Imagine your life filled with habit forming experiences and how complete your life will be once you do. My people, I say and I say again. Fill Your Life With Experiences!
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Working on a Team

Teamwork is essential to success.  Let me say that again so that you can hear me.  (Clears groat) TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS!!

No one has done anything by themselves. You will hear folks claim that they are “Self-Made.” but they neglect to thank their parents, friends, collaborators, sponsors, folks that donated their time & money, the people that gave them the platform to do what they do, or the people that these so called “self-made” people have to report to to ensure that they can continue to do what the do.

With that said, we all need to know how to work in a team. In every team, there are roles. Each person must be willing to give up a little of themselves for the good of the team.
Remember, being a good team member is a valuable asset to learn. Join in on team projects and learn how to work with people and through people as much as you can. You’ll definitely see the benefits!
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Get Motivated In School!

I was never the most intelligent person in school, but I always a “good enough” student. I was not a trouble maker and I always did my work pretty well. School would get bland very quickly for me, but there were two things that I could always reach out to to keep me motivated.

1. Music – Whether it was a song on the radio, or a song that I was playing in the band, I would always make up new lyrics and make it funny to me. For example, if the song was “Let’s get it started!” I would change the words to “Somebody farted!” LOL! Helped that bland time become more enjoyable indeed!
2. Invisible Competitor – I always made it a point to find a person in each of my classes to compete with. Not the most intelligent person there, but a person who had a grade close to mine or a friend of mine. They never knew it, but I would use them as a measuring stick to beat in homework, tests, quizzes, and so forth. I would ask them what they made on tests and such and compare. I tell you, it really kept me on my toes.
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How Being in the Band Changed My Life!

How being in the band changed my life!

When I was in school I was a Band Head. I still am to this day! I love everything about bands because they played a major role in my development. Here are two things that being in the band taught me.
Practice hard and long so that you can freestyle when it’s time to perform- Practicing music is a dreary process, but when you know it YOU KNOW IT! From there, playing music becomes fun. You play music and march, dance, sing the parts of other instruments and so forth. As a presenter for students, I now practice like crazy so that when I get in front of an audience, I’m free to mix up the message change the format or do other things in my show. Practicing will also help you know your content so well that a test/quiz will only be an after thought.
Show out – As a member of the great Alabama A&M University Maroon & White Band, half time performances were everything to the football games. As a drum major of the band program, I took on even more responsibility of entertainment. I knew that whenever I touched the field, whenever I marched, that I had to not only be good, but LOOK GOOD! I had to look so good that folks would be impressed at how good I looked. Doing this helped the other band members put forth more effort also they saw me marching hard as a leader, then they would also march hard. Once the crowd saw all of us working hard, they too noticed and gave us more cheers. When the football team heard those cheers, they played harder to keep them going.
When it’s time for you to perform in school, don’t just do the minimum, SHOW OUT! Make sure that you are completing homework and studying each night. It will have a ripple effect that will shine on others. Give it a shot!
Mr. E! The Motivator