Find Your “Why”

Our “Why” comes from our passion to meet a goal, our love for something that is dear to us, or a goal that we want to support or help.

It is most important for each of us to know or remember exactly why we choose to do the things that we do. It’s easy to go into something with one intention, conform to the norms of that “thing,” and forget WHY we chose to do it in the first place.

How do we find our “Why?” First, you should think about something that you love.. By love, I mean, something that you really enjoy doing and can see yourself doing for free (think about it). Examples include (cooking, making websites, cars, Think about a need that you want to help meet (homelessness, feeding the needy, education). Lastly, ask yourself and answer for yourself, why doing this is important to you.
Once you’ve found your “Why,” write it down. Always remember it! Assimilating (or melting into the pot) with the norms of your surroundings is a sure way to forget WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. For example, most teachers choose to teach to impact the lives of children, help them become better people, and launch them on a motivated path to greatness.
Teachers, often, conform to the stagnate teaching practices of others or burnout from the lack of effort from students. Teachers, from my experience, sometimes forget their “Why” and lose their motivation to be the greatest teachers that they can be.
To keep your “Why,” you must speak to your cause daily, you must tell other people about your cause, and spread your WHY to everyone that you meet. That way, not only will you not forget it, other people will always remind you of it. As they say, teamwork, makes the dream work.
Always remember your WHY good people. Have a great day!

The Teacher Doesn’t Matter?


by Mr. E! The Motivator!

What if I told you that your teacher doesn’t matter. What if I told you that it is ALL UP TO YOU to pass a class? How would you do it? What steps would you take to pass that class?

I believe that you would do a few of the following things:

1. Eliminate Excuses – You’ll stop saying what you can’t do and start figuring out how YOU CAN do it

2. You will work, read, and study like never before so that no one can tell you what you DON’T know.

3. You will dare anyone to challenge your knowledge on the subject so that you can prove your worth to those that doubt you.

4. You will learn about the subject in diverse ways so that you can understand all angles of thought about the subject

5. You will, lastly, realize that you can do these things right now and be greater than you’ve ever been before….

So how about it?

Mr. E! The Motivator!

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